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Thereforeā„¢ 2017 Release Notes


Version: 2017 (17.2.0)

Date: 4/24/2018


System Requirements



Enhancements & Changes


Thereforeā„¢ Navigator and Web Access

Customizations can be developed for and used in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access.

Workflow errors are no longer reported to the event log, but rather displayed in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator to users with Operator permission. Custom error messages can also be defined for automatic workflow tasks to make errors more intelligible.

The Thereforeā„¢ Capture Client and Solution Designer can be started from within the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator.

When a document is saved in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator using drag-and-drop, it can be opened in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer so it is visible during indexing.

The number of error instances for a workflow task has been added to the workflow statistics view.

The content of PDF and TIFF annotations is included in full-text searches.

The user's display name is shown instead of the login name in several places such as the document and workflow history. It is also available as a macro for category fields.

The Thereforeā„¢ Navigator will automatically switch to offline mode if a connection to the Thereforeā„¢ Server cannot be established and a Thereforeā„¢ Anywhere database exists on the local machine.

The button ā€œSearch Hit-Listā€ has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, allowing users to perform a full-text search on documents in the hit-list.

The "Case Documents" pane can be disabled when viewing a hit-list of cases in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator.

When saving new documents, inaccessible entries in the data lookup dialog are visible to users but not selectable. For example, a user must select a case from the lookup dialog to save a document. The user can see cases for which they have no "Write" permission, but the entries are grayed out and not selectable. This is also supported in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access.

All commands are now available when customizing the ribbon menu or quick access toolbar in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, Viewer, and Case Manager. This is also supported in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access.

Thereforeā„¢ Web Access will automatically claim workflow instances by default.

In the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, collapsed groups are expanded automatically when search criteria is entered to filter the hit-list.

The hit-list in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access can be refreshed by pressing F5.

The UI of Thereforeā„¢ Web Access has been adjusted to more closely resemble the installed client.

Form cover sheets can be printed in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access.

A file can be dragged and dropped onto a document in the hit-list to append to or replace the document. This also works in the Thereforeā„¢ Case Manager.

A full-text search can be performed at the folder level. The search includes all categories and sub-folders in that folder.

In the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, it's possible to select multiple cases and update their case headers.


Thereforeā„¢ Viewer and Web Access

A new pane in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer lists all annotations for the currently opened PDF document. It is also possible to search for text within annotations using this pane.

Files are always opened in read-only mode in third-party applications if the document has not been checked out in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer.

ā€œCreate Documentā€ links are listed under ā€œworkflow Informationā€ when using the Thereforeā„¢ Web Viewer and Web Case Manager.

The ā€œDocument Detailsā€ pane is organized by tabs in the Thereforeā„¢ Web Viewer and Web Case Manager.

The object information pane on the Thereforeā„¢ Web Viewer and Web Case Manager has a standardized and simplified title format.

It is possible to archive new documents, create cases and pass index data values to Thereforeā„¢ Web Access via URL.

The workflow information tab in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer and Case Manager contains links with the available workflow processing options for the user. This is also supported in Thereforeā„¢ Web Access.

Strings in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer that are part of the built-in Multi-Format Viewer (ie. e-mail headers or dates in Excel) are translated based on the user's selected client language.

The viewing setting "Original (Image Viewer)" has been removed from the Thereforeā„¢ Web Viewer. This setting is changed "PDF" when upgrading an existing system to Thereforeā„¢ 2017.

Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer and Console

Tabs can be added to index data dialogs. Security can be set on each tab to allow/prevent certain users or groups from seeing the index data in the tab. Tabs are not supported on the Thereforeā„¢ Mobile App.

Support for multi-language objects has been added. Custom translations can be added to objects in the Thereforeā„¢ system and displayed to users according to their language settings. Translatable objects include categories, cases, and search templates.

The top-level object in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer and Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, previously named "Categories", has been renamed "Repository".

Form template profiles can be used to create new documents in a manual workflow task.

Label and check-box fields are transparent when their background color is set to "Automatic".

When an administrator opens an object such as a category in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer, a lock is placed on the object to prevent it being simultaneously changed by another administrator. The lock is released once the object is closed.

It is possible to prevent users from seeing a list of other users in the system by denying them the "Read" permission on the Users and Groups node in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer.

In the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer, category and case properties can be accessed directly from the tree view by right-clicking on the object and selecting "Properties".

The workflow task "Update Case Header" has been added. It allows index data in the case header to be automatically updated as part of a workflow. This task is only available for workflows based on a category belonging to a case.

Additional settings required for workflow error logging have been added to the Workflow section in the advanced settings of the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer: "Retry Count for Automatic Tasks", "Retry Interval for Automatic Tasks", "Workflow Trace Log File Count", "Workflow Trace Log File Size", "Workflow Trace Log Filename", "Workflow Trace Logging Level".

The setting "Max Rows in Data Lookup" has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer's advanced settings, in the General section. This determines the maximum number of entries loaded in the data lookup dialog when selecting a primary field.

The setting "Restrict Mobile App to Read-Only" has been added to the Security section in the advanced settings of the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer. Activating this setting restricts all connections from the Thereforeā„¢ Mobile App to read-only access.

The setting "Context Characters" has been added to the Full-Text settings in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer. This determines the number of characters to return to the client as context information on full-text search results.

The Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer has a built-in check to prevent locking all users out of a category or case definition.

Thereforeā„¢ Console: The default migration schedule is set to always active. When a new storage device is added in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer, it is automatically added to a migration schedule profile.

Thereforeā„¢ Reporting

It is possible to use non-Thereforeā„¢ parameters defined in a custom report when an ad-hoc report is generated. Valid data types that can be used within these parameters: string, integer, decimal, date, boolean.

A standard license consumption report is available as part of Thereforeā„¢ Business Analytics using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Thereforeā„¢ Connectors

The Thereforeā„¢ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server has been extensively updated with a focus on compliance. The updated connector features improvements such as support for Exchange Online and Office 365, as well as saving to customer-defined categories using simple rules for high-performance mass storage of e-mails. The connector is also available for Thereforeā„¢ Online.

The Thereforeā„¢ Universal Connector's new clipboard functionality allows a highlighted value from virtually any application to be copied and passed to Thereforeā„¢ to execute a function, for example to search for a document.

The action "Run executable" has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Universal Connector. This allows you to define a path to a local file that should execute when triggered by the Universal Connector.

The Thereforeā„¢ Connector for DocuSign supports all templates roles for DocuSign templates.

Thereforeā„¢ Connector for Microsoft SharePoint: crawler profiles require a condition and update statement to trigger a crawler cycle.

Thereforeā„¢ Online

Pending eventual release, Thereforeā„¢ Online users will be able to log in to the system using single sign-on with Active Directory.

Thereforeā„¢ Go

Thereforeā„¢ Go is a light app meant for users who only need basic Thereforeā„¢ functions. It allows users to view documents and index data, as well as participate in workflows.

Thereforeā„¢ Go is compatible only with Thereforeā„¢ 2016 Update 6 and later versions of Thereforeā„¢.


Increased support for standard Windows keyboard shortcuts in all Thereforeā„¢ clients.

The behavior of fields using a drop-down box inside a table has been corrected. For example, typing to display entries, using the arrow keys to select, etc.

Inconsistencies in the timing of administrator messages in the Thereforeā„¢ Tenants Manager have been corrected.

The "Verify Documents" functionality has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Tenants Manager.

The behavior of the "Copy Hit-list" function has been made consistent across installed clients.

Thereforeā„¢ forms can be opened using the command line, without having to start the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator.

The limit of 3500 characters has been removed from the "Additional Information" field of a workflow process.

Access conditions for Thereforeā„¢ Portal users support more characters.

In the Thereforeā„¢ Capture Client, barcode values can be read and copied from the barcode preview window when configuring a capture profile.

Documents created using the Thereforeā„¢ Add-in for Microsoft Office have understandable names rather than randomly assigned temp values.

Case histories can be printed.

The release time after inactivity for concurrent user licenses has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

Starting with Thereforeā„¢ 2017, the server language is determined by a setting in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer. Previously, this was determined by the server OS language. When upgrading to Thereforeā„¢ 2017, ensure the proper server language and date format are set by checking these settings: Solution Designer Advanced Settings > General > Server Language/Date Format.


System Requirements

Support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 has been discontinued to align with Microsoft lifecycle policies. Windows 2008 R2 is still supported.

Support for IBM DB2 and the Thereforeā„¢ Connector for IBM Lotus Notes has been discontinued for Thereforeā„¢ 2017. Existing installations (versions prior to Thereforeā„¢ 2017) will be supported until the end of that version's lifecycle.

The Thereforeā„¢ Gadget and Web Gadget have been deprecated.


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