Collaborating with others on documentation is part of almost every job, but it’s certainly not easy!


Who made what changes? Which version is the most recent? Was this copy reviewed by the manager? Where did my colleague save the report?


These are just some of the many questions which frequently come up when dealing with collaborative work. Moreover, numerous versions of documents being mailed from one employee to the next significantly increases the size of the email, and can easily lead to confusion about the latest version.




Therefore™ information management software enables documents to be shared and edited in a secure and clear way. Only one employee can edit a document at a time, ensuring numerous versions are not simultaneously created. After modifying a document, users check the document back into the system, and leave check-in comments to inform others of the changes they’ve just made. At that point, the document can be electronically sent to other employees to review using our workflow module to help smooth the collaboration and editing process.

Our Solutions
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