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New enhancements in Therefore™ 2016

Take a look at some of the main new features in Therefore™ 2016:

Flexibility – Therefore™ Forms

  • Forms offer increased flexibility and an intuitive way of getting more information into Therefore™. One of the key benefits is the faster and more reliable entry of information into the system. By providing a familiar look and feel for users as well as a structured format, forms make it easy to input, process, and measure relevant, validated data.

Security – E-Signatures

  • Whether a signature is required to seal a final document version, or to certify the legal signing process of a contract between two parties, replacing paper signatures with electronic ones is the way of the future. Therefore™ 2016 will extend e-signing  capabilities by initiating integration with Digital Transaction Management providers, thus granting the infrastructure to manage complete signing processes online. The first integration will be with a key provider, DocuSign®.


Analytics – Microsoft Power BI Integration

  • Since 2015, Therefore™ software has come with a built-in Business Analytics tool for gathering and reporting data saved in the archive, turning it into an asset for making critical business decisions. The new Microsoft® Power BI integration enhances the analytic capabilities of Therefore™ by providing a real-time, interactive dashboard of the company’s data that is simple to configure and use.

Adaptability – PDF/A-3 Support

  • With PDF/A-3, you can embed various file types as attachments within the PDF/A format. This provides the advantage of bundling primary source files within the document. One of the key benefits for IM will be the ability to use embedded XML files for automatic document processing in conjunction with the user-friendly PDF/A format, the ISO-standard specified for preserving digital documents.
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