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New enhancements in Therefore™ 2017

Take a look at some of the main new features in Therefore™ 2017:

A More Flexible and Robust Repository

  • Index dialogs can now be organized with tabs, leading to simplified indexing and easier permission management.
  • A PDF annotations pane makes finding, reviewing and navigating annotations within PDF documents simple and straightforward.
  • Multi-language categories, cases and searches enhance collaboration for international or multi-lingual companies.

Enhanced Integration Capabilities

  • The Therefore™ Universal Connector has been enhanced with a new mode based on simple copy functions, allowing values from virtually any third-party application to be passed to Therefore™ for searching, saving, or retrieving information.
  • The Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft® Exchange has been redesigned for greater efficiency and agility, with enhanced options for smart archiving.

Expanded Customization Options

  • Therefore™ 2017 also offers more flexibility by allowing customizations in Therefore™ Web Access. Users logging into Therefore™ from a web browser can take advantage of tailor-made customizations to make their Therefore™ experience more fluid and productive.
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