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Thereforeā„¢ 2019 Release Notes


Version: Thereforeā„¢ 2019

Date: 3/5/2020



Enhancements & Changes


The following enhancements and changes are part of the Thereforeā„¢ 2019 release.
Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer

E-forms can be designed and edited in a web browser and configured under the new 'E-forms' node in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer.

Calculations can be implemented in the 'Integer' and 'Decimal' fields using mathematical formulas to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and exponentiate values.

A new option in the 'Advanced' tab of the 'Settings' menu allows for storage notifications to be displayed at selected percentage points for both pay-as-you-go and prepaid storage licenses.

JavaScript has been added as a supported scripting language for Indexing Profiles and Common Scripts.

The 'Create New Document' task has been included to enable the creation of new documents through a workflow.

The 'Add File to Document' task has been included to enable new files to be added to already existing documents through a workflow.

The 'Server Connection' option now allows for Thereforeā„¢ login authentication through a user's Okta or Azure Active Directory account.

Configured JWT tokens allow users to gain authenticated access to Thereforeā„¢.

The Thereforeā„¢ Portal and Thereforeā„¢ Web Access will accept custom JWT tokens enabling the user to log in without further authentication.

The 'Tree View' has been redesigned to merge User/Groups to the new Access Node.

The 'Forgot Password' email text can now be configured and customized under the 'Security' dropdown menu of 'Advanced Settings'.


Thereforeā„¢ Navigator

Checkbox has been added to the 'View' ribbon menu to show/hide the 'Checked-out documents' panel.


Thereforeā„¢ Viewer

Files from within the navigation panel of the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer can be dragged and dropped into an e-mail.


Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector

The Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector now has barcode and OCR data recognition. Input files can include PDFs and images (e.g. tiff, jpeg etc.) and output documents can be saved as either the original file type, PDF or PDF/A.

Errors in the Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector can now be viewed and handled from the Thereforeā„¢ Console.


Thereforeā„¢ Web Access

Storage usage can be viewed under 'System Statistics'.

A 'Case Documents' panel has been added to the View ribbon.

New workflow operation allows for tasks to be rerouted to an active version; new command icons for rerouting have been included in the 'Workflow' ribbon menu.

The Thereforeā„¢ Web Navigator enables the rerouting of multiple workflow instances to another task or another process version at once.

The Thereforeā„¢ Web Viewer and Thereforeā„¢ Web Case Manager now have a 'Navigator' icon in their respective 'Home' ribbon menus that open the Thereforeā„¢ Web Navigator directly.

User-friendly features added to Date/DateTime fields. Quick inputs will automatically format the numerical characters into date and time. Up/down and +/- keys can alter the selected part of the date and time. In the date/time field, selected the date in the date-picker will alter the date but leave the time from the previous date intact.

Hit-list and the hit-list header can now be copied using the 'Copy Hit-list' feature.

The full-text hit-list now features a 'More...' link to load more items into the hit-list should more items exist.

Support for context menu within index fields as with the Installed client.

Category icons are now included in the target-area for executing searches and for dragging-and dropping files into a category.

The hit-list is now a target-area for drag-and-drop functionality.

Improvements made to the layout of hit-list columns and headers to help orient the user.



The 'Resources' tab under the Thereforeā„¢ Installed Client's 'Options' menu has an option to view storage usage.

The SQL Server enables encryption through an ODBC database connection.

Thereforeā„¢ Installed Client will automatically upgrade when the software gets too old.

The maximum number of OCR threads running in the Conversion Server can now be limited.

License changes resulting from a license update of the Tenants Manager should not restart the tenant; changes should be effective immediately and visible in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer.

HTML can no longer be configured as a format for the workflow history.

MHTML as a format for saving ad-hoc reports has been discontinued.

Default protocol set to TLS 1.2 for Installed clients.

The 'Web Settings' tab has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Configuration Wizard.


Thereforeā„¢ Online

A new workflow task has been added to the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer that allows for the execution of an externally hosted custom function (called using an HTTPS request) from Thereforeā„¢ Online.




Review the section Breaking Changes and Important Information for additional important details.