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Therefore™ Help

Installation & Upgrade

Upgrading Therefore™


Therefore™ software releases consist of:


Major version: annual release of the software with primary focus on new features (e.g. Therefore™ 2017).



Major releases are shipped as "setup.exe". However the .msi can be extracted by running the command: setup.exe /extract.


Updates: released regularly, these include fixes, but no new features (e.g. Therefore™ 2016 Update 4).


Upgrading Therefore™ Server

Upgrading Therefore™ Clients



The information provided in this section of the Help Manuals pertains to versions of Therefore™ from Therefore™ 2014 and later. For assistance on earlier versions of Therefore™ (i.e. Therefore™ 2013 and earlier), please refer to our older Help Manuals or contact our support team for further assistance.

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