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New Video: Therefore™ for Construction

The amount of paper and digital documents in your organization continues to grow day by day. Construction companies understand this challenge better than anyone else! Therefore™ can help you implement a digital strategy to manage your project files.    Subscribe to our YouTube channel ThereforeTV to always...

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New Video: Therefore™ for Government & Public Administrations

Going digital is a challenge for government organizations. Let Therefore™ help you on your journey so you can concentrate on the most important thing: providing outstanding service to your public!    Subscribe to our YouTube channel ThereforeTV to always get the latest videos and content!...

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Case Study: Hungaropharma uses Therefore™

Hungaropharma is a dominating pharmaceutical wholesaler in Hungary. The company distributes 16,000 different medications in Hungary, as well as an additional 6,000 different non-medicinal pharmacy products. Hungaropharma are using Therefore™ to process their incoming invoices and archive their documents, which are created by their SAP...

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Case Study: Gunners uses Therefore™

Gunners Office Equipment is a family-run business providing the Warrnambool region in Australia with the latest office technology and business solutions. They use Therefore™ as a digital repository for employee records, customer contracts and client information. Therefore™ gives them a single source of truth that...

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Therefore™ 2018 Launch

Multi-language repository With Therefore™ 2017, we started the transition to making the repository multi-lingual. Therefore™ 2018 completes the circle! Now you can translate folders, keywords, and even workflow processes to make your repository fully multi-lingual. Enjoy real global collaboration across language barriers!   Collaboration and communication in the...

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