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New enhancements in Therefore™ 2019

Take a look at some of the main new features in Therefore™ 2019:

Metadata Capture as a Service

The Therefore™ Content Connector supports functionality such as OCR Processing and Barcode Recognition to automatically monitor, import, extract and save information from numerous sources such as mailboxes, folders, and cloud storage.

Expanding Integration with More Authentication Methods

Integrate Therefore™ Online with multiple authentication providers and standards for fast, seamless single sign-on experiences. Increase security by leveraging encrypted tokens to pass along credentials, ensuring passwords and other sensitive login data are never exposed. Out of the box integration is provided with Azure Active Directory and Okta, but you can develop custom authentication flows with other third-party applications based on the industry standards OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and JSON Web Tokens.

Enhancing Data Collection and Flexibility with Dynamic eForms

Dynamic, responsive eForms increase operational efficiency and enable greater employee productivity. They are easy to design and deploy and can be used to quickly gather large quantities of validated data from external parties. As this data is already in a structured, electronic form, it can easily feed directly into downstream electronic workflows for processing. Furthermore, eForms enable a better customer experience, as they transform pages of paper forms into virtual interviews, smoothly guiding responders through questions relevant to them, while dynamically filtering irrelevant content.

Increasing Automation with Automatic Document Generation

Automatically create PDF or Office documents as part of a workflow. New workflow tasks allow you to generate documents using templates and index data. These tasks automatically create new documents and save them into Therefore™ as a PDF or Office file. This is especially useful for any situation in which a structured document needs to be filled with variable data, such as orders, quotes, invoices, and others. This eliminates unnecessary manual work and increases employee productivity!

Simplifying Data Input with Automatic Calculations in Index Fields

Perform automatic calculations in index data fields to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and exponentiate values. For example, use a formula to calculate the sum of all line items on an invoice, then add the applicable tax. In addition, conditional formatting lets you automatically highlight certain values. For example, you can mark all values above a certain amount in yellow, or highlight unequal values for easier visibility and control.

Workflow Customization in Therefore™ Online

In on-premise systems, a DLL can be used to add custom functionality to a workflow. The “Call Function” task has been added to Therefore™ to allow the secure execution of a custom function hosted as a web service using an http request. This allows Therefore™ Online users to leverage the Therefore™ Web API and add custom functions to their workflows to reap the benefits of a personalized solution to solve their unique business needs.

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