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Additional Resources


Please find additional Thereforeā„¢ documentation (in English) for connectors to 3rd party software as well as other more advanced topics following this link:

Additional Resources


Topics include:


Information about Connectors:

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 15+

Integration with SAP NetWeaver

Connector for Kofax Capture

Thereforeā„¢ Universal Connector

Thereforeā„¢ Migration Tool for Microsoft SharePoint


For Developers:

Integration of Additional Thereforeā„¢ eSignature Providers

Integration using the Thereforeā„¢ API

Add Additional Download Service Providers



Thereforeā„¢ Multi-Tenancy


*Available functions may vary depending on your county or region.