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Thereforeā„¢ Help

By default only Thereforeā„¢ users with Administrator permission on the Thereforeā„¢ object will receive notification of updates and new versions. However it is possible for non-administrative users to opt-in for these notification via Options in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator, Viewer or Capture Client.


How do non-administrative users opt-in for notifications?

1.Click on the application tab and choose Options.


2.Under Resources, check the box Alert me when Thereforeā„¢ updates are available.



What will stop an opt in user from downloading and installing the Client setup themselves and running the setup .msi file? This is controlled by a Thereforeā„¢ Service that only allows clients to install new versions if these are pushed out by administrators. However, updates are shipped as .msp files and these can be downloaded and installed by users.